Adam Witzburg

Loan Officer
First Time Home Buyer Specialist


Adam Witzburg

Why Attend A Home Buyer Seminar? 


The key to successfully buying a home today is being well prepared. The more educated and informed a home buyer is, the more smoothly their home buying transaction will progress. Here are the most important things we will cover in my home buyer webinar, which are the fundamental pieces of information you'll need to buy a home today.

1. First time home buyer programs
2. Credit scores and how they affect your purchase
3. Tools for establishing, building, and repairing credit
4. Determining your payment comfort zone
5. How much money do you need to get in the door
6. Mortgage do's and don'ts to avoid costly mistakes
7. Current real estate market conditions
8. How to find the right home
9. Professionals you need to close on a home
10. What to expect from start to finish

A home buyer prepared with this information will be educated to make the right home buying decisions. This information will save you time and headaches that uninformed buyers regularly experience. It will also potentially save you thousands of dollars.


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