Adam Witzburg

Loan Officer
First Time Home Buyer Specialist


Adam Witzburg

New Jersey Home Buyer Seminar is a free tool intended to help New Jersey Residents achieve the dream of homeownership. With so much information available, confusion can lead to falling into the rent trap over and over. It is critical that you have the right information, specific to where you want to buy. Every state has different laws and processes for purchasing a home, which is why I've dedicated my informational webinar series specifically to New Jersey residents.

My goal is to provide the education needed to help not only first time buyers, but current homeowners who have not had to purchase since the financial crisis of 2008. Buying a house is more work than it used to be. I know with the right education, the experience can be smooth and fulfilling. 

Each year we guide hundreds of prospective home buyers through the process of buying a home. Let me educate you so that your home buying experience is a dream come true! 

Adam Witzburg
Licensed Mortgage Banker
NMLS# 695846
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. 


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